When it comes to surrender…

There are two main fears that you need to surrender to.

1. The fear that what you’re feeling will never go away, never change, and that you’ll always stay the same/feel this way.

Negative emotions and feelings feel like they’re going to go on forever, and that if they were to be left alone that they’d never change.

But just because this is how the feel, doesn’t mean that this is what will happen.

When you leave your pain alone, while simultaneously holding a space of love for it, it will pass.

To truly surrender, you can’t go into it with an attachment to change.

Because if there is an attachment to change, you’re telling yourself that the change is how things ‘should’ be and therefore how you’re currently feeling ‘should not’ be, and this will form a resistance.

You will be in resistance to what is present for you, and if that is pain you will resist it.

As a result it will stay the same and you will suffer.

Our attempts to CHANGE the present moment stem from the judgement that it shouldn’t be this way and the fear that it always will be.

Surrender to this and you’ll heal more deeply than you ever have before.

2. At its core, surrender is a practice of surrendering to uncertainty.

You just don’t know what’s on the other side of your pain.

You will try to tell yourself that things will be better, but this can easily lead to attachment.

The ego loves certainty, and so is always trying to control every little element of every single moment.

Therefore, surrendering to the fear of uncertainty, of not knowing what’s on the other side but letting go anyways, can be fucken scary.

But it will have you go deeper than ever before.

Then with time, this practice will grow your trust, faith and confidence in surrendering.

And you will reach an inner depth of calm, peace, presence and confidence that feels absolutely amazing.


Because your fear of pain lasting forever and your fear of uncertainty are no longer there.

The discomfort of pain will come again, but the deep fear of the pain has significantly diminished.

Leaving you feeling confident and peaceful.

Be aware of these fears next time you go within.

When you no longer fear fear, you’ve reached an empowering level of confidence.

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