The seed has been planted

It’s important to understand that you won’t necessarily receive 100% results from the insight you’ve just been given.

It may take 6 months for you to fully grasp and receive the depth and transformation that an insight has to offer.

So be patient, and trust that your consciousness is working in the background.

Meaning that you don’t always need to be focusing on your growth and inner work for it to be happening.

It’s not like manifestation only works when you’re doing inner work.

Manifestation is life.

Life is manifestation.

Imagine there’s a net behind you, and any time you don’t fully get an insight, it’s still being caught by your consciousness.

The seed has been planted.

It’s growing.

And will flower at the exact right time.

Unless you annoy the fuck out of it by not believing in it.

Get yourself a mentor to help you master being patient, not in a way of denying your desires, but because you’ve become that damn connected to yourself that how fast or slow things happen really doesn’t matter anymore.

You’re present in the moment and enjoying yourself without the emotional neediness of needing to be anywhere else in order to feel good enough.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

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