Infinite Flow

Ray's Experience

Ray was worried about joining INFINITE FLOW because he was already engaged in a few other online responsibilities.

He was worried about finding the time and consuming too much.

Ray ended up biting the bullet and in this testimonial shares how, “the infinite flow program actually enhanced and amplified a lot of the other training’s I was doing.”

Ray came in wanting to think differently and understand himself on a far deeper level.

He got exactly that and loved the group atmosphere.

Lucy's Experience

I'M FEELING REALLY CALM AND CONTENT WHILE LEADING MY BUSINESS. NOT FEELING OVERWHELMED AT ALL. Normally simple tasks would overwhelm me and negatively impact my ability to perform at a high level. But not anymore...
Elise West
Founder & Creator of Madlore
"I'VE JUST MADE MORE MONEY IN ONE PROGRAM LAUNCH THAN I DID IN ALL OF 2020" Myself and my team could not have done this if I didn't have have calm and confident leadership... If you want to become a leader that inspires their staff/team and together you all produce some amazing results, then hit up Andrew and get started now.
Phoebe Kuhn
Creator of The Content Emporium
"INFINITE FLOW WAS THE MISSING PIECE BEHIND ALL THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORK I HAVE DONE" Andrew just put it all together in a simple way that had me facepalm at how much I had (deliberately) been complicating my life.
Nima Rahmany
President at DrNima.com
"I GET DONE WHAT I CAN WITHOUT THE OLD INTERNAL SELF-TALK OF BEATING MYSELF UP OVER THINGS I CAN'T CAHNGE OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT" I'm feeling really chill about everything at the moment and being super productive. Not stressing about stuff, just getting shit done. Thanks Andrew!
Samantha Davis
IT Project Manager Bendigo Bank

1:1 Coaching


“I started working with Andrew because I felt like I was constantly stressed and on high alert. I had more meetings that you could count on two fingers and my mental capacity was being drained. I knew that I could be performing better mentally and emotionally but I was struggling to do so.

This was in turn affecting my ability to show up as a calm and effective leader in my business which had a staff of 7 at the time. After every meeting I felt like I just had more projects, more to-do’s and was even further behind.

Having my staff see me in this way wasn’t great for team dynamics or for them feeling secure within their roles in the business. Easy mistakes were getting made and having to put out spot fires all the time was draining my energy.

Something needed to change, I needed to change, and that’s exactly what happened.

Andrew has a way of understanding and explaining the inner workings of mind and emotion that makes everything seem so simple. And this simplicity is what leads to effective application.

After every interaction with Andrew I was left feeling calmer, more confident and with a new depth of trust in myself and life. I began exuding this calm in my staff meetings, my creativity came back along with my excitement and passion and the whole business and team was running better.

Why? Because I was running better. My nervous system was rested, my mind was calm, and I was focused on the task at hand. I was no longer being busy, I was being productive.

Fast forward to today and I’ve just made more money in ONE program launch than I did in all of 2020. My team could not have done this if I didn’t have calm and confident leadership.

If you want to become an epic leader that inspires their staff/team and together you all produce some amazing results, then hit up Andrew and get started now.”

Phoebe Kuhn


“Working with Andrew helped me to become a better Leader, Manager and Business Owner all together.

Before working with Andrew I was stressed, tired, constantly living up in my head overthinking and BUSY! I never had time for myself to just rest, relax and unwind. My productivity and organisation wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Work was getting done, but it was taking longer than it needed to.

The little mistakes getting made by staff would end up costing me a lot of time. Which was something I didn’t have much of in the first place.

What I got most from working with Andrew was learning how to work through my feelings in a calm and productive way that left me feeling more confident and equipped to deal with the day-to-day operations of my business.

As I was calmer and more grounded I led the business and my team from this place, which improved communication, minimised mistakes, and left everyone feeling confident and cared for in their designated roles.

The results? I had my best financial month EVER while working less than half of what I usually would. I hired a new full-time employee and began to enjoy a smoothly and efficiently ran business.

Learn to manage yourself and you’ll kick arse at managing your life, work, etc… This is what Andrew taught me.”

Jodie Creek

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1:1 Shadow Archetype Analysis

"As someone on a healing journey, I am very grateful to have been able to go through Andrew's 3 shadow training videos. In joining this program and allowing myself to be open and curious, I have learned parts of myself through shadow work that I need to spend more time with.

Continuing to work with Andrew through a very detailed 1:1 Shadow Analysis I was able to better understand my primary archetype and where it presents in my daily life including clarity for where I am holding myself back.

Andrew was incredible in his words and personalized time spent on this very informative offering. If you are looking to make healing changes in yourself and are open to learning your shadows I highly recommend you join Andrew Pearce for a 1:1 Analysis."
Jennifer Lynn
"Having a 1:1 Shadow Analysis provided me with an amazing amount of insight and clarity into parts of myself that I had a deep knowing about but didn’t have an understanding of. For years I have been circling around and around in the same self-destructive unfulfilling patterns and behaviors wondering why I wasn’t achieving abundant and enriched outcomes even though I was working hard for them.

Then I come across Andrew, and through a series of questions, a whole lot of honesty and confronting truths (for me) Andrew showed me the exact shadow and the exact traits of the shadow archetype that I was feeding. This all made absolute sense as to where I was at in my life and why I just could not create what I wanted – at all. Creating awareness around the biggest aspects of the shadow I needed to work on gave me so much excitement for my future.

Thank you Andrew for diving into the murky waters and presenting my shadow because my future is looking so much brighter and I look forward to the beautiful ride knowing my truths. If you want to step into empowerment and start living the life you want then I would highly recommend the 1:1 Shadow Analysis."
Krissy Bloomfield

Shadow Work Trainings

"These shadow trainings were mind blowing. The 3 question process helped me to uncover the core shadows behind my stress and burn-out. It was incredibly eye opening and the process of having them come from the unconscious to the conscious with 3 simple questions was something else.

Since releasing them I have effortlessly found more peace, calm, and flow to my life which has resulted in more time for me, more time for rest, more time for relaxation, and a greater ability to switch off my mind and be present in the moment.

And that’s only from the first training. If you’ve found your way to this page then I suggest you buy the program."
Danielle Bryant
"Loved these trainings, super powerful. Mostly the depth that they take you to and the level of confidence and certainty in my ability to create what I want and be successful is what I loved most.

Have done a lot of personal growth work in the last 15 years, and yet the way Andrew delivers his insights are the simplest, most straight to the point, and easy to understand that I’ve come across. He has a beautiful mix and blend of a number of teachings and philosophies that he has brought into one.

Having released shadows around the fear of public speaking, I have the most confidence and security within myself to show up authentically in my business."
David Charles
"The Power of Willingness Training changed my life completely, connected me to my purpose, and landed clients in my lap without me trying or even advertising.

There is so much gold packed into these 3 shadow trainings that truly are lessons that you will deepen into time and time again and have life long impact on you. From the 3 question process to uncover core shadows, to the Power of Willingness Scale to call me on my bullshit and take me deeper within myself, and then the Archetypes a map to guide me to the exact inner work I needed to do to elevate to my next level. All I can say is it’s awesome.

The perfect place to start as you enter the world of Andrew’s work."
Melva Lees

Free Infinite Calm Training


“The content and simple and easy to understand way in which Andrew delivers it makes you want to continue to delve into this work because the results speak for themselves. My relationships, business and sense of self have been completely elevated! Highly recommend!”

Lucy Foreman


“I now have a much calmer and clearer mind, I feel genuinely happy inside and out, and have let go of so many negative habits.”

Anita Ross


“The first thing I noticed was how quiet and relaxed I seemed to be from the get go having applied the insights Andrew shares in this training. This new level of calm is now with me throughout my days and life is starting to get better.”

Brett Dunkley

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