Shadow Work Trainings

Uncover the core shadows running in your unconscious to unlock your energetic potential and create a life of freedom

Shadow work is an introspective psychological practice that anyone can do to help them become more connected to the powerful creator that they are. Through the process of bringing your shadow aspects from the unconscious into the conscious, you can remove emotional blocks that have held you back from success in life, love, career and business for years.
"These shadow trainings were mind blowing. The 3 question process helped me to uncover the core shadows behind my stress and burn-out. It was incredibly eye opening and the process of having them come from the unconscious to the conscious with 3 simple questions was something else.

Since releasing them I have effortlessly found more peace, calm, and flow to my life which has resulted in more time for me, more time for rest, more time for relaxation, and a greater ability to switch off my mind and be present in the moment.

And that’s only from the first training. If you’ve found your way to this page then I suggest you buy the program."
Danielle Bryant

What you’ll receive:

  • A thorough understanding of what shadow work is and how to effectively use it to change your inner state and external reality
  • A simple 3 question process to elicit the core shadows running in your unconscious
  • The simple and practical way to approach shadow work that creates deep and lasting change

Benefits of completing the training:

  • Expanded self-awareness
  • Confidence and clarity on the exact shadows you need to face
  • Enlightened states of awareness
  • Feel calm, relaxed and in control in all areas of your life
  • A deep and clear understanding of why your behaviours and results are what they are and how to change them

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased confidence in social settings
  • Attractiveness and magnetism towards the things that you want
  • More money
  • Job offers
  • Increased attraction to potential partners
  • Weight loss
  • Rapid behavioural change
  • Stress less, work less, and relax more
  • A lifestyle of freedom instead of a life of busyness

Training 1 – Uncovering Your Core Shadows

This training takes you through a profound understanding of what life is, how it works, what ego is, and what your shadows are and how they come about. This allows you to SEE yourself, your life, and your shadows through a new lens.

It becomes easier to spot them, understand their origin, release them, and move into an aligned energy based on your goals.

Your shadows/emotional blocks are truly the only thing in between you and the creating/receiving of what you want. Be it clients, promotion, pay rise, peer acknowledgement, time, balance, money, or lifestyle to name a few.

The end of this training takes you through a simple 3 question process (that you can use time and time again) that helps you uncover the core shadows running in your unconscious that are preventing the receiving of what you want.

Once uncovered and released, you are truly doing the work of changing your reality from the inside out.

Training 2 – The Power of Willingness

Nothing in life happens without willingness, and willingness is THE number #1 reason why the ease, flow, and effortlessness you desire isn’t being experienced in your life.

For example, those of you who are feeling a bit tired and burnt-out have been willing to push through what is in front of you, but you haven’t been willing to be with the depths of yourself. Put differently, you haven’t been willing to turn around and face what’s behind you/what you’ve been running from.

You haven’t been willing to trust rest, stillness, and nothingness. In fact, you’ve (and still do) feared it, doubted it, and been distrusting of your own inherent stillness.

Willingness helps you to face the depths of yourself and as a result access the rest, stillness, and nothingness you so desire.

For those of you struggling to break through to your next level of results, for example, you’ve been unwilling to face the POTENTIAL risk and judgement that may come with a higher level of results.

Let’s say that you want to make more money, but you’re unwilling for people to think that you’ve become ‘all about the money’, and so, because you’re closed off to the potential of that judgement, you’re also closed off to the reality where you make more money.

Willingness is the way to open up to and receive your next level of results.

Training 3 – The 4 Primary Shadow Archetypes

In this training I introduce you to the 4 Primary Shadow Archetypes and the 4 Primary Light Archetypes.

These Archetypes are deep within the human psyche, and hold the power to either limit, or enhance your conscious creative abilities.

Your results in life, or lack thereof, are traceable back to one or all of the 4 Primary Shadow Archetypes, and so, this gives you a map of consciousness to deeply understand yourself, your behaviours, your energy, and exactly where and why what you want to happen isn’t.

Myself and my clients use the Archetypes as a way of reading our realities with speed, precision, and accuracy to maintain consistent flow and momentum when moving forward. No more getting stuck, lost, confused, or bogged down in shadow for weeks or months on end.
The map of consciousness that the Archetypes provides, both the Shadow and the Light, will propel you forward and make you the manifester you’ve always wanted to be.

As you release the shadow and embody the light, your energy changes from repelling to magnetic, and people feel this within you and consciously or unconsciously want what you have found within yourself.

Shadow Work Trainings

"Loved these trainings, super powerful. Mostly the depth that they take you to and the level of confidence and certainty in my ability to create what I want and be successful is what I loved most.

Have done a lot of personal growth work in the last 15 years, and yet the way Andrew delivers his insights are the simplest, most straight to the point, and easy to understand that I’ve come across. He has a beautiful mix and blend of a number of teachings and philosophies that he has brought into one.

Having released shadows around the fear of public speaking, I have the most confidence and security within myself to show up authentically in my business."
David Charles
"The Power of Willingness Training changed my life completely, connected me to my purpose, and landed clients in my lap without me trying or even advertising.

There is so much gold packed into these 3 shadow trainings that truly are lessons that you will deepen into time and time again and have life long impact on you. From the 3 question process to uncover core shadows, to the Power of Willingness Scale to call me on my bullshit and take me deeper within myself, and then the Archetypes a map to guide me to the exact inner work I needed to do to elevate to my next level. All I can say is it’s awesome.

The perfect place to start as you enter the world of Andrew’s work."
Melva Lees