Free Introduction to Shadow Work Training

Uncover The Core Shadows Running In Your Unconscious To Unlock Your Energetic Potential And Create A Life Of Freedom

Shadow work is an introspective psychological practice that anyone can do to help them become more connected to the powerful creator that they are.

Through the process of bringing your shadow aspects from the unconscious into the conscious, you can remove emotional blocks that have held you back from success in life, love, career and business for years.

What you’ll receive:

  • A thorough understanding of what shadow work is and how to effectively use it to change your inner state and external reality
  • A simple 3 question process to elicit the core shadows running in your unconscious
  • The simple and practical way to approach shadow work that creates deep and lasting change

Benefits of completing the training:

  • Expanded self-awareness
  • Confidence and clarity on the exact shadows you need to face
  • Enlightened states of awareness
  • Feel calm, relaxed and in control in all areas of your life
  • A deep and clear understanding of why your behaviours and results are what they are and how to change them

Expected outcomes:

  • Increased confidence in social settings
  • Attractiveness and magnetism towards the things that you want
  • More money
  • Job offers
  • Increased attraction to potential partners
  • Weight loss
  • Rapid behavioural change
  • Stress less, work less, and relax more
  • A lifestyle of freedom instead of a life of busyness

“The awareness of my shadow selves has helped me relax and feel more fluid and playfully equipped as I navigate my day to day life and business. This work has deep potential that I am definitely wanting to go further into.”

Nitya Langstrom


“I found the shadow work training to be incredibly mind powerful. It brought up a lot of emotional wounds and gave me the perspectives and frameworks I needed to successfully move through them. Leaving me feel happier, calmer, and with a whole lot more confidence.”

Rebecca Gray


“Spending time delving into my shadows and releasing the old patterns has been impactful. Since releasing the shadows I have had an interview for a consulting opportunity pop into my reality that is aligned to my core to a tee which I’m very excited about.”

Christiane Anderson

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