discover how to rest, regenerate, and refocus in a such way that takes your performance to the next level.

Infinite Flow Shows You How To Keep Up With The Growth Of Your Business/Career Without The Stress & Burnout.

"Your next level of results & performance comes from rest and flow, not from pushing on through…"

Start using the EXACT steps, processes, and strategies I’ve given to my clients to stop chasing the 8 ball and instead be well ahead of it..


1. “By the way, that activity you gave me worked like a charm. $25k in the last 2 days with dream clients. Just mind blown at how this works…”
2. “…the shadow work for me was fabulous… it helped me to understand a lot of my behaviours and the corrections I needed to make, leading to a lot more inner-peace…”
3. “…Connecting more deeply to myself, my direction, and purpose means I’ve removed stress from my life, killed old stories I’d been running and now I have a life I deserve…”

It's No Wonder Our Clients Are RAVING About The Unique Approach to Emotional Mastery that allows them to perform at a high level while still having down time to themselves!


Infinite Flow is for the High-Achieving Business Owner, Professional, Leader, Corporate, or Investor who is feeling the effects of burn-out after having ‘sucked it up’ and pushed on through for so long.

You’re tired of being tired.

You’re tired of always being on and unable to switch off.

You’re tired of feeling alone and like you don’t have any support.

You’re tired of being busy and never having any down time to yourself.

The calendar keeps filling up and the to-do list, as always, keeps growing. You’ve been in the game long enough to realise that rest doesn’t actually come after the projects finished or the milestones reached.

Satisfaction is short-term, and before you know it, you’re back at it again.

You want rest now, a connection to self, a deep presence in the moment, and a better way forward. You don’t want to keep pushing and you’re not willing to either.

You’d love to be able to produce at the same level you do, if not better, but from a place of inner-peace.

Infinite Flow shows you how to stop waiting for life to fall into place to be at peace, and to instead be at peace first and allow life to fall into place.

Your life, business/career, family and more need you to focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing.



The core of the work of this program, and the work that is going to change everything for you, is addressing what’s known as ‘the fear of fear’…

All humans have a fear of fear and strong feelings/emotions. A high fear of fear coupled with a lack of know how when it comes to navigating ones internal world is going to result in a high stress individual.

The energies we fight we feed, and what we resist persists. The reason why you’re as tired as you are and constantly up in your head trying to work through your over-active mind is because of the sheer amount of fear, doubt, insecurity and emotional pain in your body that you need to keep at bay on a daily basis.

When one relates to fear in a fearful way they will push it down and fight against it. If one relates to fear in a calm way then they will remain still and allow it to release from the body.

And this is what will return you to your centre, ground you in the present moment, and give you the mental clarity and energy you need to not just keep up with, but get ahead of your to-do list.

This is why changing the way that you fundamentally relate to fear is what’s going to be THE thing that changes your life in all areas.

Now you might be thinking that you’re pretty good with fear and that you tackle it head on. The thing is, you’re good at pushing on through fear, but you’re not great and slowing down and being WITH fear. These are two very different things.

Let me share this with you…

Remember when you were younger and you were running away from a friend, sibling, or cousin and you close the door behind you to stop them catching you? You put your foot at the base of the door and this prevents them from coming through. It’s actually quite easy to hold them back with just your foot at the base.

It’s also quite fun. There’s the fear and excitement of being chased, the drive and adrenaline it gives you to run away, and the focus and determination to be sharp with your movements and decisions to make sure you don’t get caught.

This is what, until this point, has driven you to be the success that you are in your business/career. You’re a lot better at running from fear than most, but it’s come at the cost of burn-out and your connection to self.

A lot of your drive, determination, and focus has come from running from fear, so, consciously or unconsciously there is a huge fear of giving it up, because what if you lose the drive, then who are you?

Now, imagine that another person tries to push through, and then another, and then another, and the pressure builds and now requires more of you to fight back and keep the door closed.

The amount of energy it now takes you to keep this ONE door closed is exhausting, and you still need to turn up for work every day.

You are fighting fear. Because you are fearing fear.

Now I want you to imagine that you have hundreds of these doors in your body at all times that are draining energy from you, tiring you out, and negatively impacting your ability to perform.

So, although you have strong mental will and are good at pushing on through fear, Life is now calling you to be willing to slow down within yourself and deeply be WITH fear. Because life knows that this is where the most profound transformation and evolution lies for you.

This is your upgrade right here, this where you become unstoppable, when you fundamentally change the way that you relate to fear.


You’ll become a calm and confident leader people look up to and admire.

You’ll feel a deep and unwavering connection to yourself.

Life will feel calm, spacious, abundant, flowing, and free.

Your energy, joy, and excitement for life will be back.

The ability to organise your thoughts and always find mental clarity will be yours.

You’ll have a balanced calendar that allows time and freedom to do what you want.

Inspiration and new ideas will flow through you that will propel your business/career forward AND you’ll have the energy and excitement to act on them.

Life will look like easeful success in your business/career, slow mornings, time with friends and family, weekends away out in nature, reading and meditation, and time to simply slow down, be at peace, be present, and be with yourself.

With “INFINITE FLOW” I show you how to change the way you relate to fear so that you stop fighting it and get the rest, regeneration, and refocus that you need to be an unstoppable force in all areas of your life.

Success, happiness, peace, balance, and a freedom lifestyle are all yours when you become the master of fear.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this program with you so you can get these types of results!


A SUPPORTIVE, PROGRAM WHICH HELPS YOU To perform at your best while maintaining consistency and balance!

Infinite Flow makes it simple for you to:

  • Release your emotions on the go so they don’t weight you down.
  • Gain clarity of thought and direction through calming your mind.
  • Experience moments of awakening and creativity that provide you with money making ideas.
  • Perform like a beast day in and day out.
  • Switch off of the evenings to rest and regenerate.
  • Be the calm and grounded Leader you want to be.
  • And much, MUCH more!

What you'll discover

The “INFINITE FLOW” Program ($6,485 Value)

An online program that shows you how to master the skill of emotional release in such a way that your emotions no longer weight you down and affect your ability to perform at a high level.

Step-by-step processes, tried and tested tools, and powerful insights and distinctions that cut to the core of your experience.

Infinite Flow provides you with everything you need to be the best version of yourself for your life, business, and family.

MODULE 1 – Mastering the Art of Surrender ($997 Value)

Learn to slow down and be internally still by mastering eight powerful concepts and techniques on the art of surrender that allow you to release your shadows and negative emotions in the moment as they arise.

As a busy mind is a distraction from an emotionally uncomfortable body, the better you get at releasing your emotions, the more calm, quiet, and present your mind will become.

Not only will your mind be calm, but your body will be rested, relaxed, and at ease. Your depth of connection to self with significantly increase and your vibration will raise as a result of having let go of the dense and heavy shadow/emotion that you’d been holding in your body.

MODULE 2 – Connecting to Clarity ($997 Value)

Having created a space of internal stillness in module 1, you have now created the space for insights and clarity on your next steps and direction to land in your mind and body.

Enjoy the experience of clarity that comes as a result of ones deep connection to themselves, and release any doubt and shadow that arises in the process a you step into a clean and clear desire to move forward with equals a strong energetic frequency in the manifestation process.

Become so loving and excited about who you are and what you do that it naturally draws recognition and appreciation from others.

MODULE 3 – Power & Direction ($997 Value)

Having cultivated a deep connection within yourself of who you are, what you’re about, and what you want to do with your life, your next steps are to create the roadmap that will take you towards your next level of success.

Reverse engineer your success and uncover the exact action steps you need to follow on your journey forward.

Access the power that comes from deeply understanding the human behavioural patterns and codes behind why we do what we do and break down any and all procrastination or self-sabotage patterns to their core. When you do, you’ll be in flow and stay in it.

MODULE 4 – Accessing the Warrior ($997 Value)

Connect to your warrior energy and embody the level of certainty and confidence in your ability to create whatever you want that results in your dreams landing in your lap.

When connect to the Warrior Archetype, what you want simply begins to show up in your life with relative ease and effortless. The constant ‘tests’ of life begin to swing and instead of always feeling challenged or pushed back, you begin to feel supported and guided forward.

A true sense of “life is working for me” flows through your body as you leave the days of lack and scarcity behind.

MODULE 5 – Trusting Your Energy ($997 Value)

This is where you’ll step into the energy and power of trust more deeply than you ever have before. This is where you’ll experience magic and get the deepest felt sense of “I really am the creator of my reality” that you’ve ever felt.

Trusting your energy is fun, it’s exciting, it stops you overworking and hustling, which means that you free up time to enjoy your life and do the things that you love.

Time freedom and emotional freedom open up for you on a whole new level as you access the depths of trust in yourself and life that are available for you when working through this module.


BONUS #1 – Access to a Private Facebook Group ($500)

Access the Infinite Flow Support Group to get all of your questions answered, connect with other link-minded individuals, and both fast track your learnings whilst going deeper at the same time. In this group I will be available between Tuesday to Thursday to help clarify any concepts you feel stuck with, ask you specific questions to help you go deeper into yourself, and answer any questions you have to both help you overcome challenges, and create new results in your life.

BONUS #2 – Group Coaching Call Recordings ($500 Value)

At your own pace you can work your way through a number of pre-recorded group coaching calls that offer some live coaching demonstrations, guided processes, and additional teachings to help you uncover your emotional blocks and get them out of the way.

BONUS #3 – Elevating Guided Meditations ($500 Value)

This a series of guided meditations that makes it easy for you to get to the core of dysfunctional behaviours and release the energetic charge behind them which enables you to heal at depths. Meaning that you don’t repeat patterns and instead feel calm, confident and present in all areas of your life.


Your Investment?

We have 6 x easy payments of $200AUD

OR 9 x easy payments of $150AUD

OR pay in full $997AUD and save!


When you join the INFINITE FLOW program, you will receive instant access to everything you need to get off the hamster wheel, deeply connect to yourself, let of years of conditioning, and step into your best self.


I'M FEELING REALLY CALM AND CONTENT WHILE LEADING MY BUSINESS. NOT FEELING OVERWHELMED AT ALL. Normally simple tasks would overwhelm me and negatively impact my ability to perform at a high level. But not anymore...
Elise West
Founder & Creator of Madlore


Ray was worried about joining INFINITE FLOW because he was already engaged in a few other online responsibilities.

He was worried about finding the time and consuming too much.

Ray ended up biting the bullet and in this testimonial shares how, “the infinite flow program actually enhanced and amplified a lot of the other training’s I was doing.”

Ray came in wanting to think differently and understand himself on a far deeper level.

He got exactly that and loved the group atmosphere.

Ray's Experience

Lucy's Interview


When you join Infinite Flow you will be given access to a Membership Site of content that takes you through the 5 Modules mentioned on this page. You will also get 3 Months of access to a private Facebook Community that has Tues-Thurs access to me for any coaching/questions. 

Infinite Flow used to run as a LIVE program over the course of 1 month and the workload was manageable, so 3 months is a great amount of time to absorb and dive into the teachings while creating internal and external changes in your life.

You have ongoing access to the membership site content. I don’t say lifetime access, as that’s a big call in an uncertain world, yet my intention is that you have ongoing access for as long as possible. The membership site access is hosted from my website and I have no intention of taking it down.

After the first 3 months of access you are able to stay in the Facebook Community for a monthly subscription fee of $97 p/month.


"I'VE JUST MADE MORE MONEY IN ONE PROGRAM LAUNCH THAN I DID IN ALL OF 2020" Myself and my team could not have done this if I didn't have have calm and confident leadership... If you want to become a leader that inspires their staff/team and together you all produce some amazing results, then hit up Andrew and get started now.
Phoebe Kuhn
Creator of The Content Emporium
"INFINITE FLOW WAS THE MISSING PIECE BEHIND ALL THE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT WORK I HAVE DONE" Andrew just put it all together in a simple way that had me facepalm at how much I had (deliberately) been complicating my life.
Nima Rahmany
President at
"I GET DONE WHAT I CAN WITHOUT THE OLD INTERNAL SELF-TALK OF BEATING MYSELF UP OVER THINGS I CAN'T CAHNGE OR DO ANYTHING ABOUT" I'm feeling really chill about everything at the moment and being super productive. Not stressing about stuff, just getting shit done. Thanks Andrew!
Samantha Davis
IT Project Manager Bendigo Bank