Not enough

As you go to recognise the positive aspects of yourself, you will likely be met with a shadow that immediately talks shit about those parts and attempts to highlight why they are ‘not enough’.

Know that this is just the shadow projecting its own feelings of not enoughness onto the other parts of yourself in an attempt to hide its pain (yes, projection happens internally as well).

Classic bullying 101. Make others look bad to take the attention off yourself.

Don’t believe the shadow, and instead feel the pain that it is projecting.

Look directly at it with your awareness and open your heart to the pain.

It will eventually shift.

Then you will truly SEE yourself and the magnificence that you are.

And as you see yourself anew, you will create a new life for yourself.

Rinse and repeat.

Devote your life to continually opening your heart to the pain you hold within and you will heal.

You’ll feel free, loving, joyous, grateful and excited.

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