Letting go, surrender, and healing

The options to let go, surrender and heal are available to you at all times.

Will you be able to heal from this? Yes.

Will you ever be able to let go of that? Yes.

So, you don’t need to worry that you won’t, which is one of the greatest conscious and unconscious worries we have…

That we will be stuck like this, (in pain, with pain and so on) forever.

Which just isn’t true.

Letting go, surrender, and healing are all available to you, so you can relax.

But because pain feels like it will last forever if we weren’t to actively get right of it, we push back up against this fear.

For the fear of staying the same.

The combination of this pain and fear then creates the doubt as to whether or not you’ll ever get out of it.

This doubt attributes to endless amount of suffering.

Let’s call this doubt a misunderstanding.

All suffering is built upon misunderstanding the true nature of reality.

For if we all truly understood Life on an embodied level of knowing and being then we’d all be enlightened and there would be no pain and suffering.

We would be free.

But because this is not the case, we are involved in the suffering of the human experience, which is built upon misunderstandings.

Correcting these misunderstandings is what dissolves pain and has you experience the deepest, most joyful, loving, fun, and amazing states of calm and inner-peace.

Which is what you are.

These moments and experiences are when you more deeply understand what Life is, and you know it because you feel it, you remember that IT (life) is what you are.

And so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Worry disappears.

Anxiety washes away.

The busyness of your mind calms.

The tension in your body relaxes.

And because you have subtracted suffering from the equation, you are left with the beauty of Life.

Which is how the truth is, always.

As your body relaxes and opens you get hit with an immediate sense of deep relief.

Where you feel calm, at peace, free, trusting and supported.

You’re still.

There’s silence.

And you can deeply rest.

Then you’ll slip back into unconsciousness and such is life.

Rinse and repeat through deeper and deeper levels of knowing.

As you continue to build upon, strengthen, enhance and enlighten this beautiful inner sanctuary that is your connection to yourself.

Where feelings of self-security, safeness, support and nurturing are parked 24/7.

And now to deepen my initial point.

Pain left to be won’t stay that way forever, it will transform.

But when you push back up against it, you won’t ever give it the chance to leave.

In fact, when you let pain be, by holding a space of love and acceptance for it, it will pass in the most beautiful way, even though it will hurt.

As love transforms fear.

But fear does not.

And so I invite you to correct these misunderstandings within your consciousness and gift yourself a more loving experience of life.

Both towards yourself and those around you.

You will always benefit from this.

The options to let go, surrender and heal are available to you at all times, use them wisely.


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