Are your rocking up to your business everyday stressed, overwhelmed and overthinking?

There is just ALWAYS so much that needs to get done, and getting things done only seems to create more work.

There’s never a break for you or a period of rest, it’s just on to the next thing, and the next, and the next, and the next.

Your life and business feels like you’re behind the 8-ball, despite the results and growth of your company suggesting otherwise.

How’s that though?

Despite good results in your business you still feel behind the 8-ball…


Because you’re heavily in survival mode, everything feels scarce like it could run out or be lost at any moment and you don’t feel supported by Life.

If anything, it feels like if you’re not constantly ON in your mind, attending to thoughts, fixing problems and/or solving worries then you’re going to start going backwards.

You’ve become addicted to stress because it feels like progress and it feels productive.

And although you desire to feel calm and relaxed, feeling calm and relaxed doesn’t feel like your getting shit done.

It feels like you’re being lazy, it feels like there must be things you’re missing, it feels like nothings getting done which again brings up the fear and feeling of going backwards and falling behind.

So, you end up resisting being calm and relaxed because they’re associated with going backwards.

Stress and overwhelm are associated with progressing and so you hold on tight.

Why do you feel like you’d go backwards if you relaxed?

Because you’re tied up in the identities or being a battler and a hard-worker and this is where you derive most of your worth, value and significance.

Therefore, you’re worthy of your businesses recent success and results because of how hard you’ve worked and how much you’ve struggled.

You feel safe because it’s been hard, but if it were to be easy, you’d fear it could all be taken away.

Feeling calm and relaxed in your business whilst progressing and growing is “too good to be true” you say and “just isn’t how it works.”

If you’re not working hard in your business then who the fuck are you?

What value do you bring to the table if you’re not achieving?

What do you have to offer simply as who you are?

And so you make sure no one ever gets close enough to see this by keeping yourself busy, tired and hiding behind being overworked.

Then from an energetic perspective you continue to attract busyness into your business because it’s aligned with your identity of being a battler and a hard-worker.

I know this because I’ve ran this strategy myself.

What you need to do at this point is address the parts of yourself that feel insignificant, of no value and having very little to offer.

This will change your core identity, significantly loosen your need to be a hard-working battler and allow you to step into a new vibration that attracts results of time, money and freedom.

A client of mine did all of the above and achieved the results I mentioned in the headline of this post.

You can do it too.

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