About Andrew

Andrew is a Professional Coach & Mentor who has been studying the worlds of personal growth, consciousness, spirituality, shadow work and more for over a decade and professionally since 2014.

Andrew supports deep healing and transformation in those who desire a life where they get to do the work they love, get paid for it, and have that work support the lifestyle that they want to live.

With personal experiences of stress, anxiety, burn-out and dysfunctional busyness, Andrew has been able to uncover the core insights and healing necessary to guide change in his clients so that they can create for themselves and experience the life of freedom, balance, travel, purpose, and adventure that they’ve been seeking.

Andrew offers a powerful transmission of presence, peace, and calm that has been cultivated through deeply understanding the nature of life, ego, thought, emotion and more, along with hours upon hours of self-inquiry and observation.

Featured in
Entrepreneur Asia Pacific

Some personal history

I grew up a very logical and rational thinker with a fascination for understanding how the world works from an energetic perspective and why we do what we do as humans, what drives our behaviour.

When I was younger I most strongly wanted to be considered an awesome social being, someone who every loved and had nice things to say about. I wanted to be able to read body language, social cues, and know how to speak in a way that would influence the conscious and unconscious of others.

I wanted to have the information of the invisible, and by this I mean the law of attraction, masculine and feminine energies, inner child, ego, human behaviour and more. Because I wanted to be able to use this invisible information to my advantage to create the life that I wanted.

Because I did not want to be stressed, hustling and grinding my way to retirement to hopefully one day feel freedom and finally be able to take a break and rest. I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

These wants drew me to work that I do today, and these same wants draw my clients to me when the time is right for them.