Applying these 3 sentences in your Life will help you to;

– feel happier

– make more money

– find love

– experience more joy

– access peace and freedom

– create extra time in your week

– pretty much anything and everything

Let me share with you how this is possible.

If I were to put the work I do into a real simple sentence it would be this…

“I teach people how to feel their feelings through self-permission.”

Not as glamorous, attractive or as sexy as I’d like it to sound haha, but that’s the crux of the work and it’s absolutely Life changing.


I believe that every single problem in the world, both on an individual level and a collective level, stem from the avoidance, distraction and numbing of emotional pain.

People drink to numb out their feelings.

Watch T.V all day to distract.

Take drugs to reach altered states of consciousness.

Overwork to distract.

Make their life about pleasing others to avoid themselves.

Emotionally eat.

Become addicted to ANYTHING.

The list goes on.

Any sort of avoidance, numbing or distraction is because of the fear of feeling our feelings/emotional pain.

And as a result of such avoidance we suffer and create further problems for ourselves.

Overworking can lead to burn out.

Excessive drinking can lead to physical problems and relationship problems.

People pleasing can lead to resentment.

Again, the list goes on.

I’m not dissing any of the above things. I will distract, avoid and numb out at times. But when it’s done excessively then it becomes quite bad.

If you feel unwanted and of no value within yourself and you don’t know how to face/feel that feeling then you emotionally NEED to work 60 hours a week to feel valuable and wanted. (the truth is you don’t NEED to work 60 hours a week to feel wanted and valued but it feels that way for you because you haven’t addressed the feelings of unwanted and no value)

60 hours a week then leads to burning out and low energy.

Which leads to being tired.

Which leads to not seeing friends and loved ones.

Which leads to being lonely.

Problem after problem, all a result of avoiding emotional pain.

Does that make sense?

Some people who feel of no value and unwanted will beat people up, others will rape, others will manipulate, others will strive for excellence, but be sure that all are avoiding how they actually feel about themselves.

When you turn and face your feelings then all of the negative an dysfunctional behaviours that were being ran as avoidance, distraction and numbing strategies are no longer required/needing and will naturally drop away and out of your Life.

Pretty cool huh?

So, here are the 3 sentences.

It’s okay.

I’m allowed.

It’s safe.

We grow up being told that;

It’s NOT okay to cry.

You’re NOT allowed to express anger.

It’s NOT safe to show sadness.

And as a result we end up resisting all that is deemed to be NOT okay.

From this we end up trapping this negative emotional energy in our bodies and suffer as what we resist persists.

So, in order to release resistance and allow a space for your feelings to be felt you can say…

It’s okay to cry.

I’m allowed to feel angry.

It’s safe to feel/show sadness.

Simple, yet INCREDIBLY fucken effective… like, insanely effective.

Enjoy and let me know how you go,


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