1:1 Shadow Archetype Analysis

Get clarity on your next steps so you can move forward with confidence and create with ease

How it works is, once you’ve purchased your 1:1 Shadow Analysis, I will ask you a specific set of questions to personally walk you through a process that will elicit the primary shadow archetype that is most heavily playing out in your life and preventing your next level of success in your life, lifestyle, business, or career.

I will both intuitively connect to and read the shadow archetype that is behind the language you’ve used in your answers.

I will give you the exact traits and characteristics of the shadow you are playing out most strongly so that you can feel it in your body and release it. Meaning that you’ll be removing the biggest emotional blocks in the way of you receiving your creations.

This will give you a road map of what you need to heal within yourself so that you can connect to your value, find your purpose, and create your freedom.

Identifying your core shadow archetype is the #1 thing that I know will shift the needle for you and bring what you want into your life. Be it inner-peace, balance, fulfillment, time, money and more…

This is not a 1:1 call. The analysis is delivered via FB Messenger.

What you get:

  • An audio training on your Primary Shadow Archetype
  • An audio breakdown of the specific traits/characteristics you need to address and how they’re playing out in your life
  • Art of Surrender mini-training to release shadow from the body
  • Shadow Archetype Process tailored to your situation to help you make the shift from Prostitute to Lover, Child to Sovereign, Victim to Warrior, or Saboteur to Magician
"As someone on a healing journey, I am very grateful to have been able to go through Andrew's 3 shadow training videos. In joining this program and allowing myself to be open and curious, I have learned parts of myself through shadow work that I need to spend more time with.

Continuing to work with Andrew through a very detailed 1:1 Shadow Analysis I was able to better understand my primary archetype and where it presents in my daily life including clarity for where I am holding myself back.

Andrew was incredible in his words and personalized time spent on this very informative offering. If you are looking to make healing changes in yourself and are open to learning your shadows I highly recommend you join Andrew Pearce for a 1:1 Analysis."
Jennifer Lynn

Get your 1:1 Shadow Archetype Analysis

"Having a 1:1 Shadow Analysis provided me with an amazing amount of insight and clarity into parts of myself that I had a deep knowing about but didn’t have an understanding of. For years I have been circling around and around in the same self-destructive unfulfilling patterns and behaviors wondering why I wasn’t achieving abundant and enriched outcomes even though I was working hard for them.

Then I come across Andrew, and through a series of questions, a whole lot of honesty and confronting truths (for me) Andrew showed me the exact shadow and the exact traits of the shadow archetype that I was feeding. This all made absolute sense as to where I was at in my life and why I just could not create what I wanted – at all. Creating awareness around the biggest aspects of the shadow I needed to work on gave me so much excitement for my future.

Thank you Andrew for diving into the murky waters and presenting my shadow because my future is looking so much brighter and I look forward to the beautiful ride knowing my truths. If you want to step into empowerment and start living the life you want then I would highly recommend the 1:1 Shadow Analysis."
Krissy Bloomfield