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If you are someone who has spent their lives with their head down, working hard, being committed and responsible, putting in the hours, stressing and burning themselves out, living up in their head and always thinking with an over-active mind, and never leaving any time for yourself only to find that as you lift your head up and look back you feel like you haven’t really lived, then things are about to be different for you.

People who come to me for coaching are ready to change. They are ready for and wanting, rest, time to themselves, to just sit and be still, fun, travel, meaning, freedom and adventure.

They have spent their entire lives making money, growing/progressing in their business or career, ticking shit off, achieving their goals (primarily work orientated), and doing all the things that one would think would make them happy.

From the outside looking in, they’ve ‘got a great life’, but they don’t really feel it, and they’re fucken ready to feel it.

They’re deeply spiritual, even if they haven’t always let themselves be, and as they’ve been experiencing a shift in values and what truly matters to them, they’re now ready to dive deeper into themselves and really get to know who they are.

There is a desire to deeply rest, to be still, to connect spiritually, to feel peaceful, be in nature, and to take some time to slow down, have a break, and be with themselves.

What happens throughout this process for my clients is that during their time of rest they go through a period of de-conditioning. What this means is that it is a time of flushing out all of their old limiting beliefs that drove them to hyper-achieve in the first place.

After this they find themselves exploring what they actually want in life, who they want to be, what they want to create and what they want to express to the world through their work and creativity.

Lastly, they follow their purpose in a calm, grounded, peaceful and balanced way. Where their creations come to life because of their new found state of BEING and not their sheer will, force and determination.

These are the three distinct phases of the work I take my clients through, and something that I have come to call ‘The 3 Relationships’.

The 3 Core Relationships is a results-based system to inner change and transformation that looks at three core relationships that all humans have, and which are either in an unhealthy and dysfunctional state, or healthy and functional state.

An unhealthy relationship to one or all of the 3 Relationships will result in ‘negative’ symptoms. A healthy relationship to one or all of the 3 Relationships will result in ‘positive’ symptoms.

Having gone through and created The 3 Relationships myself, and now having taken 100’s of people through this work, I am able to see exactly where you are at developmentally in relation to the three phases of the work.

Combine that with a background in Human Behaviour and Life Coaching since 2014 and a keen intuitive sense as to where my clients are energetically, I will provide you with the exact steps you need to take to create the change you are looking for both internally and externally.

I know where you’re going before you’re going there because I know the system. This helps me to help you in a fast, effective, and efficient way.

Now, on to The 3 Relationships…

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The 3 Relationships are as follows:

– Your relationship to fear and emotional pain.

– Your relationship to desire and self-expression.

– Your relationship to action, intuition, and manifestation.

PHASE 1 – Your Relationship to Fear and Emotional Pain.

Your inner-world of thoughts, emotions, wounds, traumas, doubts, insecurities, and more, can be a scary one. Many simply do not know how to address their thoughts and emotions successfully.

Something I want you to think about is this, Life (the infinite intelligence) is not afraid of itself because it is aware of itself as The Self, as Oneness. And so, because of this, there is nothing to fear, there is no uncertainty.

However, for the human experience, we do not have this awareness and knowing. Quite the opposite. We experience ourselves as alone and separate beings. What is happening within us (traumas, emotions, thoughts) are feared because they are not known.

When we fear fear, we fight it. When we fear emotional pain, we suppress it. And when we fight and fear both, we suffer.

All of this takes place due to an unhealthy and dysfunctional relationship to fear and pain. The core of this first phase of the work is changing this relationship, as this is when you’ll get the rest and inner-peace you’re looking for.

Having a poor relationship to fear and pain will look like being stressed, tired, up in your head always thinking about something, unsure of how to deal with your emotions, and so you distract.

Life is either busy busy for you, or not but you’re bored, but either way you’re stressed.

You struggle to sit down and rest/relax as you always feel guilty doing so. Rarely are you ever calm and present in the moment. Something is always ticking over in your mind even when you’re in conversation.

What you’re wanting is to deeply rest, to slow down, to relax and to just be still. To let life pass by without a care or worry in the world and to enjoy the peace and freedom that being present in the moment has to offer.

The more you explore the depths of your inner world, the less you will fear it, and the automatic result is more joy in life.

Changing your relationship to fear and pain is how to do this.

PHASE 2 – Your Relationship to Desire and Self-Expression.

Having gone through the work of Phase 1 where you are no longer driven by avoiding your pain and achieving success for the purpose of gain, approval, and so on… you will find yourself at a place of internal stillness where the questions that need to be answered are;

What do I want?

Who do I want to be?

What do I want to create?

What do I want to do?

What do I want to express?

This is when you begin to truly tap into your desires and self-expression without having them shadowed and suppressed by all the old conditioning that has been released in Phase 1. Your self-value grows making you more attractive energetically, your self-approval raises meaning that others end up feeling drawn to you, and overall you become more confident within yourself.

What’s important to understand about desire and self-expression is that they are the most authentic and vulnerable statements of WHO YOU ARE, and this is why many steer clear of them.

Because when you’re hustling away in a job you don’t love but making good money, you can hide behind the justifications of:

– Gotta pay the bills somehow

– I earn good money

– Don’t know what I’d do otherwise

– I’ve got a mortgage to pay

And so on…

Who you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re being is being JUSTIFIED in one way or other. Consciously or unconsciously this is a way of protecting yourself from judgement and avoiding responsibility for your situation.

Taking the time to connect to what you want and then FOLLOWING it is what will bring you the purpose, meaning, joy, fulfilment and satisfaction that you are seeking. Because doing what you WANT, being who you WANT to be, and spending time with the people you WANT to spend time with is the fastest way to happiness.

Desire is the creative force that moves the entire Universe forward, always creating, and yet, it is very common as humans to have a lot of shame, guilt, shadow, embarrassment and more around our desires.

There is a feeling on some level that they’re wrong, or selfish, or lazy, or bad, and that if they were to be seen by the world we would be judged and rejected.

An unhealthy relationship to desire and self-expression is what’s got you feeling hollow and empty inside, because you’re not connected to WHO YOU ARE, instead you’re wearing the mask of who you think you need to be.

Following your desires is fun, trusting them, believing in them, giving yourself permission to have them, is a fun ride and is what brings you joy, excitement, fulfilment, challenge, variety and adventure into your life.

This is where you feel comfortable in your own skin, relaxed and calm in social settings, and when you connect to the work that you want to bring to the world

A healthy relationship to desire and self-expression is how to achieve and experience such things.

PHASE 3 – Your Relationship to Action, Intuition, and Manifestation.

An unhealthy relationship in Phase 3 looks like being busy all the time, constantly being up in your head over-analysing everything, and working a lot harder and longer than you need to.

You’ll find yourself saying things like:

– What else needs to get done?

– What more can I do?

– I feel like something’s missing

And so on…

And you’ll be wanting steps 1 through 10 all laid out in front of you. You’ll be doubting the process and afraid of actually trusting and following your intuition because you’re afraid of looking silly, foolish, or irresponsible.

This keeps you in the loop and ‘safety’ of action. Thinking that surely if I just do more I’ll be able to create more, but this comes at the cost of your freedom, lifestyle, time and balance.

Everything is about work here, because you have limited beliefs around what it takes to create. The dysfunction is that your limited beliefs don’t believe in play, fun, rest, time off etc… as they can’t SEE how that’s going to produce the results you’re after.

But, when it comes to the manifestation process, your part in it is knowing WHAT you want, Life’s part in it is delivering the HOW it happens. An unhealthy relationship to action, intuition, and manifestation doubts the how and gets stuck in the process, which results in slowing it down.

A healthy relationship to action, intuition, and manifestation trusts the process, which not only speeds it up, but gives you the time, space, freedom, balance and lifestyle that allows your life to be about more than just work.

This is when you play more sports, read more books, spend more time in nature, go away camping, travel, explore new hobbies and interests and really have fun. Your life takes on a richness and fullness which is very different from the fullness of chaotic busy busy.

You begin to handle MORE with less effort.


Any experience of stress, busyness, emptiness, over-thinking, working in a job or business you don’t feel connected to, never having time to yourself, being burnt-out and tired, lacking purpose and meaning, and the list could go on, can be traced back to an unhealthy/dysfunctional relationship to one or more of The 3 Relationships.

A life of meaning, purpose, freedom, travel, adventure, fulfilment, peace, joy, and so much more is achieved through creating healthy and functional relationships to fear and emotional pain, desire and self-expression, and action, intuition, and manifestation.

This might happen for you in 3 months, it might happen in 6, or maybe it’s a 12 month journey.

Whatever it is for you, these are the areas of your inner world that I suggest you focus on. A proven, results-based system to personal transformation that leads to external world changes.

If you feel that this work is for you, fill out the application form for my 1:1 Coaching and I will be in touch,


What people are saying


“I started working with Andrew because I felt like I was constantly stressed and on high alert. I had more meetings that you could count on two fingers and my mental capacity was being drained. I knew that I could be performing better mentally and emotionally but I was struggling to do so.

This was in turn affecting my ability to show up as a calm and effective leader in my business which had a staff of 7 at the time. After every meeting I felt like I just had more projects, more to-do’s and was even further behind.

Having my staff see me in this way wasn’t great for team dynamics or for them feeling secure within their roles in the business. Easy mistakes were getting made and having to put out spot fires all the time was draining my energy.

Something needed to change, I needed to change, and that’s exactly what happened.

Andrew has a way of understanding and explaining the inner workings of mind and emotion that makes everything seem so simple. And this simplicity is what leads to effective application.

After every interaction with Andrew I was left feeling calmer, more confident and with a new depth of trust in myself and life. I began exuding this calm in my staff meetings, my creativity came back along with my excitement and passion and the whole business and team was running better.

Why? Because I was running better. My nervous system was rested, my mind was calm, and I was focused on the task at hand. I was no longer being busy, I was being productive.

Fast forward to today and I’ve just made more money in ONE program launch than I did in all of 2020. My team could not have done this if I didn’t have calm and confident leadership.

If you want to become an epic leader that inspires their staff/team and together you all produce some amazing results, then hit up Andrew and get started now.”

Phoebe Kuhn


“Working with Andrew helped me to become a better Leader, Manager and Business Owner all together.

Before working with Andrew I was stressed, tired, constantly living up in my head overthinking and BUSY! I never had time for myself to just rest, relax and unwind. My productivity and organisation wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Work was getting done, but it was taking longer than it needed to.

The little mistakes getting made by staff would end up costing me a lot of time. Which was something I didn’t have much of in the first place.

What I got most from working with Andrew was learning how to work through my feelings in a calm and productive way that left me feeling more confident and equipped to deal with the day-to-day operations of my business.

As I was calmer and more grounded I led the business and my team from this place, which improved communication, minimised mistakes, and left everyone feeling confident and cared for in their designated roles.

The results? I had my best financial month EVER while working less than half of what I usually would. I hired a new full-time employee and began to enjoy a smoothly and efficiently ran business.

Learn to manage yourself and you’ll kick arse at managing your life, work, etc… This is what Andrew taught me.”

Jodie Creek

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